The 95th Vierdaagse Flag Parade

“The 2011 Flag Parade, the spectacular opening show for the 95th Four Days Marches, will be a feast for the ears and eyes in 2011, thanks to fiery Spanish temperament in a wonderful, fairy-tale like atmosphere”

For those of you who have been to Nijmegen before you will be familiar with asking for an entry ticket in to the flag parade when registering in Nijmegen. This year those wishing to attend the official opening ceremony held in the Goffertstadion on Sunday evening will need to purchase tickets. Tickets can be purchased online and on the door, for more information visit

Walkers who wish to attend the flag parade are entitled to a 50% discount when purchasing their tickets, for anyone else the cost is €10.

More about this can be found on the official 4daagse website

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