8th June 2011 – a pre-blog!

8th June 2011 – A pre-blog!

I am pretty sure everyone knows that we are not in Nijmegen yet but will have noticed this is the first Blog post for 2011!

For some of us Nijmegen hasn’t stopped, if you ask any of the comittee members you will find they were pre-planning Nijmegen 2011 back in 2009! I know for certain that my living room is full of welcome packs and muesli bars at this moment in time so I thought it only right to share the beginning of my Nijmegen 2011 with you.

Since we returned last July the committee have met regularly to put in place the details for this coming year. We used your feedback and hope this year we will be able to impress you more than before.

Over the last few weeks I have sat and put together welcome packs, when I agreed to do this I didn’t realise how many there were to do this year, but they are there waiting to be loaded onto the coach! At the moment I am not sure what I am going to be taking them in because my cat has decided to use the box for a bed…

With 37 days until the coach leaves from Swindon I ask – am I the only excited person around here?



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