Day 2-1st day of marching

Evening all,
Today was the first day of the Marches. The weather has been unexpectedly hot which has meant walking was hard work for some walkers but everyone got through and there is a positive vibe here at de Dennen tonight.
Exciting news- on Monday, Alex Thompson was interviewed by Dutch Television and today three cadets-Zoe Chapman, Luke Cordas and Tom Rouse – were interviewed by a local radio station. This was a great experience for them and was also an excellent opportunity to plug BDWF.
So far, we have had no complaints about the meals. In fact, on my rounds in the marquee at dinner this evening, I spotted food being eaten with relish and many an empty plate being returned for washing up.
More photos to come tomorrow when I can persuade a few people to let me have their photos of the the trip to the Open Air museum at Arnhem as well as photos of their experience of Nijemegen town at festival time and of walking today.
Thanks for your comments- keep them coming.

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