Did Gina Fool You?

The April Edition of the Rambler contained a lovely letter from Gina informing us of a change in antiseptic as the supply of Iodine is in short supply.

Below is a copy of the letter:

This article is to inform members that sadly once our current supplies of Iodine run out, we will be switching to an alcohol product. Iodine is now in scarce supply outside the medical and laboratory industries. This is due partially to the fact that Iodine is no longer recommended for use in hospitals. Betadine, one of the main suppliers has already ceased selling it.

Therefore our new antiseptic of choice for use on feet when we burst blister will be industrial vodka. The brand we have chosen to use is “Frail Loop”. Finding an acceptable alternative was not easy, however the multi uses and cost effectiveness led to this choice.

Frail Loop Vodka –

It will remove tape by dissolving the adhesive.

The alcohol kills mould and mildew so it will be useful for cleaning the massage couches.

Cleans eye glasses – I’m sure all our members would be happier if the First Aid team had good visibility before they burst blisters.

Vodka disinfects metal and protects rusting so we will treat our scissors at the end of the Nijmegen week to better preserve them.

Straight vodka gets rid of nits.

It kills wasps.

Mixed 50/50 with water it provides a great re-usable ice pack.

It can be combined with essential oil of lavender to make a tincture for aches and pains.

It cures foot odour.

It can be used as a liniment to reduce fever.

It can be applied topically to help with toothache.

Finally and most importantly it will ensure your first aid team remain happy.

Gina Coltman
1st April 2012

Would the first aid team really do this to you? Well one member of the comittee thought we would.

Not mentioning any names… but one member of the comittee turned up to the previous meeting after reading the article above and had written down this item to be added to the agenda as he believed it to be true.

Can any one solve the following anagram – frail loop….

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