Where is your T-shirt?

Well, if your t-shirts are anything like mine they have been washed and put away ready for next year. You might only see them again when you are trying to squeeze a couple of extra bits into the drawers which are already over flowing…

Though some t-shirts do get to come out more than once a year!

The ones which belong to Chris Rolls have just been on an adventure to Iceland!

I received the above pictures from Chris which will now find their way to our t-shirts around the world page, but before they do I am sharing them with you to remind you that your t-shirts would like a holiday too!

The description which came with the photos was…
“The first is me standing underneath the volcano Hekla which means “hooded” in Icelandic – Hekla is hardly ever seen without a cloud covering the top. It is very active and is about to go off soon. I would have had 35 minutes to get away from where I am standing if it did erupt and all around me is piles of pumice stone many metres thick. The second includes Steven but Hekla is a little lost.”

There was also a lovely email….but I am not sharing that!

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