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Last week I told you about walks going on in Northern Ireland and the week before we had walks in Scotland, this week I have found a selection of walks which may interest you if you are living in or near Yorkshire. I chose Yorkshire because I have only just found out where it is…I honestly thought it was to the bottom of the country by the sticky out point bit (if you are looking at a picture of the UK you will know what I mean). So on discovering that I had my geography a little (BIG) bit wrong I had a search around to see what might interest you if you are around in that area.

There was quite a selection… for any of you that know me well you will know that hills and I do not get along so I won’t be joinging you on the first walk of my list!

The Three Peaks Walk Three Peaks of Yorkshire, which takes in Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough within 12 hours!
Cleveland Way – national trail
The Pennine Way The Pennine Way association appear to be having their annual walk on the 29th of September so still time to get involved.
The Coast to Coast Walk I actually thought this was further down the country too.

If you do take a stroll on any of these walks let us know what they are like. Maybe next time you go others would like to come with you.

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