For those of you travelling by coach please note you are limited to one bag or suitcase plus a small bag for carry on items.

Although modern coaches have a lot of luggage space, please restrict yourselves to one suitcase or bag. Items in the suitcase will not be available to you during the journey. Another small bag should be used to carry any other items. It should be small enough to go under the seat or in the overhead luggage rack. Bags will not be allowed in the aisle. Please ensure that all bags are labelled. Bicycles will NOT be allowed onto the coach.

Food will not be provided until Monday morning at the De Dennen Sportshall, so bring sufficient food and drink or money to purchase en route.

12 hours on a coach can be boring so bring something to keep you amused (personal stereos, cards, games, magazines etc.). A pillow is also really useful in order to get some sleep.

If you are travelling by a different method then you will need to work out what you can and can’t take with whoever you are travelling with.

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