Swiss Night March

John Lake, RAFWARMA Transport Adviser coordinates the trip to the Swiss Army Night March.
The actual walk will start on Saturday afternoon. Non-walkers are most welcome on this trip. The
walk is open to civilian and military participants.

As many of you will know, John Lake has coordinated these trips for many years having taken
out walkers to participate in the event since 1981. However, good things do come to an end and
this is to be the last time that John will be organising the event.

Information of the event has always been made and is available on the RAFWARMA web site at (from the home page click on ‘Overseas Events’). The resulting information
page giving details of the event and with costs and contact details is copied following this

The principle of the walk is having multiple control points and you chose which one you’re going
to walk to and then the next and so on until you arrive back at the start/finish point inside the set
timescale – used to be 12 hours. You can duplicate routes a certain number of times and you get
road-distance points per kilometre for the distance between control points. If your navigation skills
are good then the potential is for short cuts to gain more points than the distance walked.

However, the added complication is that control points close at different times so beware that
they haven’t closed before you get there. The equaliser to age/fitness levels is that you start with
a point for every year of your age – nice! You must complete 30km but then it’s up to you. The
gold medals are obviously awarded to competitors who get the most points which really are the
challenge of high mileage. Full details of the ‘scoring’ system and any variations to the above will
obviously be communicated on the Saturday morning of before the walk.

Many BDWF members have achieved the distinction of winning these gold medals or appearing
on the Roll of Honour.

For any further information please contact John Lake via the contact details as shown.
Good luck if you decide to take part.

Roy Hayward
Walker Liaison.

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