Rest Post 3 Day 3 – Quotes from the Students / Rustplaats 3 Dag 3 – Uitspraken van de studenten

40km Student Team

Jonathon – Walking is suffering, suffering is walking.

Miles – Glad I’m not doing 55km.

Ben – Wear a hat, best protect your neck.

Adrie – De weg naar gekte. / The road to madness.

Max – Keep it H.I.P., man.

Caroline – You already walked more than 110 km and then somebody calls you an old lady… 🙂

40km Cadet Team

Edward & Guy – It’s not not very hot. It’s perfect weather for fainting.

Tara – I’m melting.

James – It’s bare hot fam.

James – Perfect Callapigian

30km Team

Kiah – It is very humid which makes you feel ill!

Rosie – Bananas are a must.

Max – Done it before M8.

Eden – It’s lit fam.

Joseph – I have thoroughly enjoyed myself today, even with the hot weather.

Nienke – Het is fijn om met een groep te lopen, de mensen aande kant zijn heel aardig. Het is echt leuk. / It is fine to walk with a team, the people by the roadside are very nice. It is great fun.

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