How do I join? Send an e-mail to info@bdwf.org.uk to register you interest and one of the committee will respond.
What is the Vierdaagse? Vierdaagse translates as Four Days. The Nijmegen Vierdaagse is an annual four day International walking event that starts on the Tuesday of the 3rd full week in July every year in Nijmegen, Holland.
What support is available to me? Training walks for those living in the South West. First aid is provided for the majority of these on a voluntary basis. First aid out in Nijmegen at the sportshall and en route. Coach transport to and from the start. Free charging facility of mobiles, ipods, MP3 etc,. A safe for locking valuables away and day and night staff in the sportshall for your safety and comfort. Night staff for your security and to make the wake up calls in the morning. A committee who work year round to improve what is offered to our members.
What is the membership year? 1st January to 31st December
How many members do you have? Since our formation as a group there have been some 1300 members overall, of whom about 150 walk in Nijmegen each year.
How do you treat Blisters? The extremely experienced specialist first aid team sterilise the area with iodine and then burst the blister with a sterile single use hypodermic needle. The fluid is drained, the area is re-sterilised, the foot is then taped, dressed or patched up as appropriate.
Why do the BDWF have students who walk? Historically the group was sponsored by BT and students were sponsored as part of the BT in the Community initiative. Although we are now a private club the tradition has carried on.
Why was the group formed? It started with an individual (our founder member Trevor Day) who completed the Vierdaagse. On his return he persuaded friends and colleagues to join him. The numbers gradually increased until it was sizeable enough to merit corporate sponsorship and once that was withdrawn we became a private club.
Are there any rules to being a member? Yes, for the safety of all our members there are some rules that need to be followed these are laid out in the BDWF Constitution & Rules’ and the ‘BDWF Nijmegen Handbook, copies of both can be found here


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