School students were first invited to join the group in 1991 from the Bournemouth area as part of the ‘BT in the community’ initiative, and have participated highly successfully ever since. In recent years the largestDSCF0104 contingent of students has come from the Swindon area.

We class students as all those under the age of 18. This does not necessarily mean they have come with us just from schools. We also have a large group of under 18’s come with us from Dorset and Wilts Air Cadets and more recently from the Girl Guide Adventure Core.

Although the Vierdaagse is open to all those aged 12 and over, as a general rule the BDWF will only allow anyone aged 14 or over to come with us. Younger people may participate if  accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.

The BDWF is always looking to increase youth member numbers. The walk is a life changing experience and should be open to all to enjoy. More recently we have had members who started as students returning as adults either in a walking capacity or on the support crew.

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