Benefits to Students

During the week we have a member of the support crew act as our Student Liaison. This person is the first point of call for anyone under 18. If they have any issues either to do with the walk, or otherwise, our Student Liaison is there for them. We also have our own Child Protection Officer, this is another main contact for the students to go to if they have any problems during the week.

Prior to being able to take any students across with us a full risk assessment is done to ensure all the students will be safe while in the sports hall and under our care.

If you are interested in taking a group of students across and would like to stay with us and use our support services please email

Students are able to walk the march as individuals, this means they have their own start card and can walk at their own speed, although we do insist they walk with at least one other friend. They are also able to walk as a team, this means there must be a minimum of 12 of them. Teams can be made up of any age but it is not possible to change after you have been registered. Walking as a team means team members must all pass the check points at the same time and walk as a group for the whole march.

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