Freya Thompson “For me Nijmegen was a challenge. I couldn’t believe that I could ever succeed and walk 100 miles in 4 days but with the support and friendship of the people that I met at the training walks, and at the event the supporters and other walkers at the event I was inspired to keep going. So to sum up, it was FAB! and I can’t wait to go again”


Rose Smith “I have currently done Nijmegen twice and am doing it for a third year in 2011, I feel it is a great experience you get to speak to new people and make new friends. Also the feeling of accomplishment you get is amazing! I feel it is generally one of the best things I have done, I have met so many amazing people and generally enjoyed myself.”

Adam Clarke “I really enjoyed my experience in Nijmegen because the walkers from Swindon got along with each other. The locals in the different villages made you feel welcome and cheered you on. I made some good friends”


Frankie Mabbot “I first went to Nijmegen in 2003 because I was doing the Duke of Edinburgh award. I used the training to go towards the physical activity side of it, but I enjoyed the walk so much that I’ve been back every year since! I like it because it’s not just a long walk – it’s a massive party all the way round, every day. All of the walkers and spectators are so friendly there is always someone to talk to and you forget about how far you’ve gone until you finish. And that is an amazing feeling.” Frankie has now joined the support crew in the Student Liason Role, 2011 will see her completing her 2nd year in a support T-shirt.


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