Vierdaagse Nijmegen

The Nijmegen Vierdaagse is an International annual four day walking event that starts on the third Tuesday of July every year in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It is the largest walking event in the world with participants walking 30, 40 or 50k a day for four days. The first walk was in 1909 and the event moved to Nijmegen in 1916 and has been held here since.

The event was originally for Military personnel with a few civilian people taking part. Things have now swapped so the event mainly sees civilians taking part with roughly 5000 military taking part each year.

During the week there are a number of festivities that accompany the walk drawing in large crowds. It is the largest event that takes place in the Netherlands and draws in up to a million spectators. The event starts on the Saturday before the marches, and ends on the Friday. The other part of the event is a free music festival during the week, with special events on each day, such as the famous firework display on Tuesday night. As you approach Nijmegen on the final stretch of the walk on Friday, the road is lined with thousands of people to cheer you to the finish.

The walk takes part over four days with each day being named after the largest town you walk through. Each town makes a special effort to welcome you as you walk by, there is plenty of food and drink available to purchase en route, there are also many freebies and plenty of toilets.

The distance you walk each day depends on your age and gender. In order to qualify for a medal the correct distance must be achieved. Our members walk the following distances:

Men Age Distance
12 – 17 40K
18 – 49 50K
50 – 59 40K
60+ 30K
Women 12 – 59 40K
60 + 30K

There are very few rules for the event they can be found on the main KNBLO website

The event is particularly hard for those who walk it, but sometimes it can be just as hard for those who offer their support. There is also a medal for those who give their time and support at the event – the back of their medal is inscribed with Uw toewijding deed anderen volharden which translates as “Your dedication made others succeed”. This award is well deserved for those who earn it.


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