We use the De Dennen sports hall during Nijmegen week. This is located approximately 2km from the start. The main hall of the sports centre is divided in two.  Women sleep in one section and men in the other, both areas are segregated using toughened fireproof material. We ask that both genders keep to their own side out of respect for each other. Although we don’t sleep in the same areas there are plenty of communal areas for mixed groups to meet and spend time relaxing. There are showers and wash facilities available for use by our members, again these are separate so there are no mixed sexes sharing.

Catering is bought in by the De Dennen from a company who provide all the catering for the week to all the sports halls providing accommodation for walkers.  Our first meal provided over in The Netherlands is on the Monday morning. We get breakfast and evening meal every day. At breakfast you will need to take enough food for breakfast and to make up a pack lunch. But remember – take only one currant bun!

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There is a bar at the sports hall which is a nice way to relax after the walk. Tea, coffee and light snacks are available to purchase from here too.

As extras to our members we offer a mobile phone, MP3/iPod or any musical device charging service so long as you provide the charger and a safe to keep personal belongings.

The De Dennen is also the largest campsite in Nijmegen for this event. You can follow the link below from Google Maps to see exactly where we will be!

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Not all members elect to stay in the sports hall, some prefer a little more pri
vacy so instead pay to stay on the campsite or in other locations. You can become a member and just choose which service you would like to pay for.


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