What you get out of the week is all down to you. You may feel that the smallest of blisters has caused you trouble and for that you never want to return and you are determined not to have a good time. On the other hand for whatever reason you may have to drop out but still find it is the best experience you have ever participated in.

There is only so much that the committee and support staff can do to make your week as easy as possibly, the rest is truly what you makeof  it.

If this is your first time and you would like to know more about what you can expect from the week from a personal account the following poem was written by one of our members in 1999 – this his his own experience of Nijmegen…

 The Year I went to Nijmegen

 The year that I went to Nijmegen,

 The weather was humid but fine.

 They gave me a bunk next to Bobby,

 and he had a bunk next to mine.

We rose in the morning quite early,

 A quarter past three it was said.

 But I didn’t bother to shower,

 And had a bit longer in bed!

We registered in the town center,

 And walked past the bicycle ‘cage’

My right knee seemed perfectly normal,

 But the left one was showing its age.

I’ve a cartilage piece in a bottle,

 That I keep by the side of the bed,

 So I walk with the Nijmegen shuffle

 And the Nijmegen hole in my head.

I am ordered to shower each evening

 Though it takes me two hours to walk there

 But the water feels cool on my t-shirt

 As I sit very quiet in a chair.

I handed my card in on Tuesday,

 To a girl neither pretty or plain

 she didn’t seem pleased I had finished

 And said I must do it again!

I’m addicted to vasaline jelly

 And I guess I use far too much

 I like to spread some around the cheeks of my bum

 And some more each side of my crotch

There was fog in my eyeballs one morning

 And my senses suffered the toll

 I found sharp peanut pieces around my privates

 And Vasaline spread on my roll

The medical team were all wonders

 They pampered my blisters so much

 But by Thursday I chose amputation

 And finished the walk with a crutch

I woke the last morning a Zombie

 My body a vessle of pain

 But “I did it, I did it, I did it!”

So persuade me to do it again…

Lenny Sargent – July 1999

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