The Four Days Medal

The Four Days Medal is the “cross for proven marching ability” created in the Order-in-Council of 6 October 1909. It is a royally approved decoration which Dutch servicemen may wear on their uniform.

The Four Days Medal is one of The Netherlands’ official decorations. There is also a “code” for wearing the medal. The cross is to be pinned on the left front of a jacket or blouse/shirt, roughly a handbreadth under the shoulder. Also, only one medal may be worn at once and there may not be more than one number pinned on the ribbon.
The Four Days Medal is made of either bronze, silver or gold, complete with numbers or little crowns and/or laurels, depending on the number of successful completions in the Four Days Marches.

The Team Medal

12049602_10205437603195010_2054190331132911607_nThe team medal is a reward for groups, that consist of 10 or more walkers plus at least one leader, so at least 11 persons in total. A group will receive just one Team Medal as long as they incur no more than a ten percent drop-out. In addition each member will receive an individual medal when they have walked the Four Days’ Marches

Certificate of Participation

All (group) participants can order a certificate when they register for the Four Days Marches. This certificate is proof of participation and, at the same time, a nice souvenir of the Four Days Marches you participated in.

In 2006 a medal was awarded to all participants that completed the first day of the the Vierdaagse.

This 90th Four Days Marches in 2006 will always be remembered as “the march that lasted one only day”.




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