We have a large number of people who travel as a group from the south west of England. They travel over by coach using the Channel Tunnel. Although it is a long journey this gives people a good opportunity to meet others, especially if it is their first time.

The coach acts as a shuttle bus taking our members to the start each morning, then picking them up again in the afternoon during the week. For the last three years we have used Barnes coaches (local coach company from Swindon). It is asked that if you are travelling by coach that you bring only a small bag or case so that we are able to pack the coach safely and comfortably.

We are able to use the sports hall from the Saturday afternoon, thoughP1220090 an extra fee is charged to each person doing so. If you have arranged your own travel e.g. plane and train it may be possible for you to book a lift from the train station in Nijmegen to the sports hall.  If taking your car, please notify us so that arrangements can be made for parking your car safely throughout the week.

We hire three vans while we are out at the event, this is to take the support crew out to their rest stops each day. It is these that would be used in order to collect participants from the station/airport. It is also possible to arrange a drop off back to the station again on the Saturday after the event.  We will do our best to accommodate your travel but can’t guarantee anything – we can promise to do our best. All arrangements need to be made before the start of the week.


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