We like to celebrate the ‘little things’ within the membership. There are lots of things worthy of celebrating so we have picked out a few things that we like to read about below but before we get to the little things we should say that we like to celebrate the BIG things too!

During Nijmegen 2011 we were able to give out a truly well deserved award. Even after a long week of walking everyone was able to stand and applaud as Herman Boston received his medal celebrating 10 years of support.

After being denied his medal when all the other support staff collected theirs Herman was aware that Roy had something to say, I don’t think he knew what to expect or expected what happened.

Not only did Herman receive his 10th pin he also received a glass award celebrating all his hard work over the years. The presentation Roy gave caused Herman to be speechless!

Other Awards

The Extra Mile – Each year for the week of Nijmegen the Nijmegen Event Manager takes nominations for those of have gone the Extra Mile. This time we are not talking about walking, but doing something for others which they take upon themselves to help above and beyond what is expected of them. The award is not given out every year only when it is truly deserved.

The Silk Shorts – Finally we like to celebrate the silly things. During the week the office team will take nominations for those who have had the most unusual misadventure of the week with the chance of receiving the “silk shorts Award”. This is the Award you don’t really want to be given!

Year The Silk Shorts go to… For…
2011 Dave Holyday for spending a penny (or 20 cents!)
2011 Ron Williams for having some tight shorts!
2010 Tom Wakelam For…
2009 Chloe Dutton For…
2008 Dave Holyday For…
2007 Herman Boston …Plunging the majority of De Dennen Sportspark into darkness on Sunday night, instead of just the
sleeping areas, and despite cries from the male toilets and ladies showers calmly locking the
switch cupboard and handing the keys back to the bar staff before returning to the Office.
Noticing that the lights around the Office area were also out and seeing bar staff running to the
cupboard it dawned on Herman that he may have been over-zealous with the light switches —
turning off a bank of 20 instead of just 4.
2006 Roy Hayward For…
2005 The Silk Shorts go to… For…
2004 The Silk Shorts go to… For…

BDWF Team Leaders
We have one final achievement within the group which we should recognise and that is being a team leader. It is hard enough walking the walk as it is but when you are responsible for making sure a team get through….

Year Team Number in team
2012 Lenny Goldsmith 50K team
2012 Laura Chapman 40K team
2012 Poppy Marshall 40K team

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