Honorary Life Members

Trevor Day 16th July 2007

Trevor first walked the Nijmegen Marches in 1984 and with his vision founded the Nijmegen Group from which the British-Dutch Walking Fellowship has emerged. We can only imagine the time and effort that went into getting this organisation started and established and to still be able, and fit enough, to take part in the events.

Without his commitment, enthusiasm and persistence in getting the necessary sponsorship, initially through British Telecom, then in partnership with KPN, Telfort and most recently BT Ignite, we would not be here today. Neither would the school students, originally from the Bournemouth area in 1991 but the largest contingent of students now coming from the Swindon area.

From those early years he has also focussed our attention on raising money for charity, most notably for Leukaemia Research, Childline, Whizz Kids and Back-Up but also for our own local charities. The benefit to these organisations has been immense with nearly £300,000 raised over the years. This achievement alone is deserving of recognition.

At times we may have cursed him for getting us involved in these events and for infecting us with the ‘Nijmegen Bug’, but after each one is over I’m sure that we’re all really proud to have taken part.


George Beecham MBE 29th July 2009

In 2009 George was our second member to receive the Honorary Life Member Award for his Commitment, Example and Support to other members.



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