The BDWF ’10’ Club

The “10” Club

A holder of the Gold Cross is someone who has completed the Nijmegen Four Days Marches 10 times or more. The name was derived from the medal. Upon completion of the Marches for the first time, one receives the so-called Four Days Marches Cross (‘Kruisje’). Upon the 10th completion, the medal is called Gold Cross.
The Association was founded on July 24, 1951. After receiving the Gold Cross, you will automatically receive an invitation to join the Association of Holders of the Gold Cross. Even if you initially do not join you may periodically receive later invitations to join. The Association currently has around 2,500 members

As you can see The official Nijmegen organisers have their own exclusive club for members once they have completed the Vierdaagse 10 times or more. We don’t have a separate club but we do have a list of all our members who have earned their Gold Cross.

Barney McAlister
Lenny Goldsmith
Cliff Evans
Nigel Jones
Henry Visser
Jim Usher
Talbot Williams
Stephen Cherry
Marcel Hendriks
Jim Usher
Spike Elliot
Roy Hayward
Paul Williams
Jaap van den Bos
Talbot Williams
Marcus Steward
Spike Elliott
Mike Caffrey
Ann Worboys
Trevor Day
Ron Williams
Eric Evers
George Beecham MBE
Dave Sutton
Anne Welburn-Sutton
Tim Wyer
Piet Nelis
Ted Blair
John Nicholson
Ken Redman
Eric Evers
Brenda Layne
Piet Nelis
Nigel Goodman
Jeff Hurley
John Wriglesworth
Dave Brooks
Gillian Mogg
Ken Redman
Ron Richardson
Stephen Mogg
Bob Gutteridge
George Newby
Carl Phipps
Bob Mason
Mick Abbott
Christian Bos
Stephen Davies
Richard Ballard
George Buxton
Richard Courtney
Dave Holyday
Howard Johnson
David Mason
Gordon Pacey
Harry Bult
Jopie Elfrink
Gordon Pacey
Chris Rolls
Franklin Schalk
Henny Stoel
John van der Last
Henk Mounoury
Mike Toulouse
J Vergeer
Rienk Cloo
Angela Douglas
Stan Fowler
David Newson
Hein Ubachs
Jackie Miles
Richard Ballard
Jopie Elfrink
Jan Eggink
Christopher Bolton
James Nelson
Robert Oxley
Paul Shearman
H.J.M Bult
H Gol
Phillip Simkin
Brian Young
Joop Ludema
Jim Nelson
Sjoerd Oosting
Jean Bobker
Colin Jarvis
Jeanne Carter
Thomas Gallagher
Paul Kirby
Terry Kirby
Wim Magnin
W Seders
Peter James
Amanda Bryer
Klaske Ludema-Korporaal
Sybren van Klaarbergen
Anton Aelberts
Geoffrey Barre
Doug Davidson
Tim Edwards
Mark Evans
Nicola Jones
Alan Kirby
Anneke Lakeman
Niek Rouschop
Ian Slipper
Sophie Williams
Cindy Snijders
Jean Bobker
Sjoerd Oosting
Colin Jarvis
Thomas Gallagher


Congratulations to Everyone

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