The ‘Extra’ Mile



The Extra Mile Award is not given out every year only when it is truly deserved. This time we are not talking about awarding those for walking, but doing something for others which they take upon themselves to help above and beyond what is expected of them.

We do not give the award just because we have one but give it only when it is truly deserved for example where their finishing medals have been placed in serious jeopardy on each of the 4 Days by a BDWF walker’s unselfish support to fellow walkers/members.

Nijmegen 2015 – Adian Harvey and Peter Kordula

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The winners of this award go to the Barnes coach drivers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

The Swindon group were booked on the 9:56pm (21:56) shuttle and duly arrived in plenty of time to board. We were then asked to join the queue and waited. It soon became apparent that our stay there would be longer when car passengers in the other lane complained they had been waiting since 7pm and the time was now 11:30pm.

Our time for boarding was changed to 1:09am and then 2:55am. This meant driver hours (15 hours) was fast running out and we would have to spend the time somewhere unless replacement drivers could be had.

At 3.30am we boarded and continued trying to find replacement drivers. All the while our drivers were nearing exhaustion. They took the decision to continue only if it was safe to do. We arrived by 10:15am at the sportshall, both drivers were running on empty despite regular stops. They truly deserved this award.


Nijmegen 2007 – Ron Williams

There were several nominations for this award this year but by far the most outstanding was the support and encouragement given by Ron Williams to George Beecham. George was still suffering from a chest infection when he arrived in Nijmegen this year and had not been able to keep up his training regime since May. From the outset it was clear that, for the first time ever, he might suffer this year and so it
proved. Unable to keep to his normal pace and schedule George suffered both from the chest infection and subsequently with serious blistering. In the true spirit of sportsmanship and friendship Ron partnered George around the 50Km routes over each of the 4-Days at times putting his own success in jeopardy having in turn to walk at a much slower pace than normal.

This year the ‘Extra Mile Award’ became the ‘Extra 128 Mile Award’. No-one was more pleased to see Ron get the award than George Beecham.

Said Ron modestly: “It’s what you do.”
No Ron — it’s what you do. Well Done.

Nijmegen 2011 – Robbie, Leonie and Gina

The team were awarded with the Extra Mile Award in 2011 for stopping to assist with a person who had collapsed at the side of the road. The man collapsed just as the team were driving past. The team performed CPR and stayed with the casualty until an ambulance could get through the crowds!

See we told you that you were in safe hands!

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