First Aid

You do have to be completely mad to be part of the First Aid team. We give up our time and holiday to look after all of our members from the time we arrive in Nijmegen right through until we return home, we also offer our services to the campers staying on the De Dennen Campsite.  The first aid team then work through the evening and into the night until the last person is treated. They then get up (often earlier than even the 50k walkers) and do it all again the next day.

We offer 24 hour First Aid cover in the Sportshall from the moment we arrive on the Sunday until after the Saturday de-brief. Our first job is to set up the First Aid Room. This is followed by a briefing session on Monday morning followed by pre-taping in the afternoon. Pre-taping feet helps slow down the onset of blisters.

For the first three days of the walk we treat at three rest posts around the route and back at base from approximately 13:30 until the last BDWF member has been treated. With a short break for dinner, we continue treating our members and any camper staying  on the sports fields, who purchase a ticket. Money raised from treating the campers goes back into the club funds and allows us to keep costs down.

On the final day of the walk we cover four rest posts as well as the Sportshall, however we no longer burst blisters once the walk is over.

What do we offer?

Massage (for injuries only) strapping, pre-taping, taping, blister busting, pills and potions (for aches, pains, chafing, heat rash, stings, bites, constipation, diarrhoea) re-hydrate, cold spray, ice packs, skin toughening spray, bandaging, soft padding and gel for really raw feet. Not to mention lots of encouragement, terrible jokes, hugs and TLC.


If in doubt come and see us. You’ll be amazed at what we can do to help, and prevention is always better than cure.

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