Nijmegen Blog

In 2010 it was decided that we should have some way of telling those back home what we were up to, sharing our week with family and friends, this is when our blog was born!

On the front page of the website we have ongoing news and updates but these ‘blog’ pages show daily updates of our week.

We hope to share photos and stories with you all hopefully you will find them fun and maybe they will even tempt you to join us one day in the July in the future!

It is up to our office staff to sit and update the blog as and when they have time, but we do ask that anyone with an interesting story to tell come and visit us so that we can share it with everyone.

The blog is only updated during the week of Nijmegen, although we will try and update it as often as we can priority is given to looking after those in Nijmegen with us at the time.

The Blog for 2011 starts on July 16th 2011

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