As the number of  BDWF participants we take over is growing we want everyone to feel as comfortable as we can make them. In order to do this we have a group of support staff who wear Red ‘CREW‘ t-shirts all week.

The support crew are made up of office support day and night, and drivers.

Office day – the most important person of the week is the Nijmegen Event Manager (NEM) on Duty from 7am – 8pm and responsible for everything to do with the group while in Nijmegen. Working closely with the NEM is the Office Manager, responsible for making sure everyone returns to the sports hall each day.

Working along side the NEM and Office Manager we have a Translator (Dutch and English), and Student Liaison. Our Student Liaison is the first point of call for anyone under the age of 18. They will be waiting for our younger members at the end of the walk each day to make sure they arrive back and have all signed in. The Student Liaison also makes sure the students get on the correct coach in the morning and have the information they need each day in order to start the walk.

The Night Staff take over at 8pm. We have three night crew, two men and a woman. They are responsible for waking members up each morning. They cannot be held responsible for waking you up at the wrong time – you must request the time before you go to bed by coming to the office, otherwise they will automatically wake you at the earliest wake up time appropriate to your distance. They also keep watch to make sure that non-members do not enter the sP1220286leeping area during the night.

Finally Drivers, their job is to make sure the first aid crew get to the designated rest stops on time.  They then provide invaluable support at each rest stop ensuring walkers needs are met. They can point you in the direction of the onsite amenities. We ask, in order to ensure you are admitted onto the rest points, you wear your orange BDWF walking t-shirts, and carry your ID badge at all times.  It also makes it so much easier for us to spot you and guide you to our tent.


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