T-Shirts and Hoodies

T and Polo shirts – there are three coloured t-shirts/Polo shirts/ hoodies worn by our members.

Support crew wear red t-shirts – approximately 10 members of the group will be wearing this colour. If walkers have any problems, your first port of call is the BDWF Control Office or seek advice from those wearing red shirts.

First aid crew wear green – there will be at least 9 people wearing these. All of these members will try and help you complete the walk and enjoy your week as much as possible. If you have any health worries or issues regarding your feet, please seek assistance from the first aid team.

Walkers wear orange – It may seem an odd colour for us to ask our members to wear considering orange is the colour of the Netherlands, but in fact it is a colour that few people choose to walk in. This means we are able to spot you in a crowd a little more easily. The colour ‘Orange was chosen to give a stronger link with our Dutch members.

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