Try not to walk on one side of the road all the time. Make an effort to change sides periodically (especially on roads with a heavy camber). Alternatively, on quiet roads, stick to the middle. Be sure to obey traffic regulations, of course!

Ensure the front of your foot faces in the direction you are walking. It sounds obvious, but it is easy to start walking like a duck and this will cause unnecessary stress on your joints.

Make sure you are relaxed when walking; try not to take steps which are too large or too small for you. Walking with someone of a similar height and pace will help with this.

Try to walk at a higher tempo on shorter training distances. This will help with your cardiovascular fitness and stamina.

Ensure you “warm down” properly – try going for a short bike ride, taking a leisurely swim or doing some light stretching to loosen the muscles. Take a nice shower or bath afterwards to fully relax your whole body.

Top 10 Tips

  1. There is absolutely no substitute for training.
  2. Drink water at regular intervals. If you feel thirsty you’re already de-hydrated.
  3. Check the colour of your pee. It should be almost clear. The darker it is the more de-hydrated you are.
  4. Worried about wear and tear on your feet? Get your feet taped before you start walking.
  5. If you think you are likely to chafe in delicate areas – gonads or nipples for example – lubricate them before you start walking with either Vaseline or a nappy rash cream such as Sudocreme.
  6. Carry anti-bacterial gel and tissues as toilets are not always that clean on the march and you could also get caught short.
  7. Always wear sun screen, even when training.
  8. If you feel you are getting a hot spot come and get it checked before it turns into something worse.
  9. Remember to eat little and often as you will be burning up a lot of calories. Include slow release energy foods or eat and drink special energy products.
  10. What have you got in your back-pack or bum bag? Make sure it fits comfortably to avoid rubbing. Check the contents and carry as little as possible in as small a container as you can. If you are carrying spare clothes keep them in a plastic bag to help keep them clean and dry. If you have bottles of water try to carry them one on either side of  your body and always carry a balanced load.
  11. And one for luck…. Wear your socks inside out so that any toe seam is on the outside and less likely to rub your toes raw.

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