Training Calendar

Your training schedule will depend on the distance you are intending to attempt in Nijmegen, your general levels of fitness and your previous walking experience. However, a simple schedule such as below can be used as a guide. Specifically, you should have attempted at least one multi-day event (i.e. walking two consecutive days of similar distance).

The following is a schedule we would suggest you try and follow:

When 30k 40k 50k
1st Week of January 10km 10km 10km
3rd Week of January 15km 15km 15km
1st week of February 20km 20km 20km
3rd Week of February 20km 25km 25km
1st week of March 25km 35km 40km
3rd Week of March 25km 40km 50km
1st week of April 30km 30km 40km
3rd week of April 30km 40km 50km
1st week of May 2*20km (2 days) 2*30km (2 days) 2*40km (2 days)
3rd Week of May 35km 50km 60km
1st week of June 2*30km (2 days) 2*40km (2 days) 2*50km (2 days)
3rd Week of June 35km 50km 60km
1st week of July 25km 30km 35km

Herman Boston runs a series of training walks every year between January and the event in July. They are geared towards those intending to participate at 40km per day (particularly aimed at our youth element) and are based around the Swindon area. However, anyone may come along. A list of these training walks can be downloaded here

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